Women Small Business Grants

Right now women have access to millions of dollars available for small business grants that they may not even be aware of. With over 100 million women in the United States, women are exceeding men in the ownership of small businesses. Women are recognized as the largest minority in the United States. Therefore, women are given many opportunities by the government and private organizations to achieve higher education and start their own businesses. In fact, statistics show that women small business grants are growing in numbers because the number of women business owners is also expected to continue to rise.

When starting a business, women are faced with the challenge of finding funding. Traditional funding sources are not always available to women. Since women are still disadvantaged in many ways in the workplace and face discrimination and other unfair practices, women require additional assistance to overcome their disadvantages. Women small business grants are helping women overcome their disadvantages and exceed.

Business Grant donors

The federal government is the main funding source for women small business grants. Through the various government agencies and the government’s SBA loans, women can find grant and various loan opportunities for starting a small business. Federal business grants for women can be searched at the government’s website at grants.gov., and state and local grants can be found by visiting local state website.

Through the United States Small Business Administration, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, many women are able to receive needed funding to start their new businesses. The government recognizes the important of helping women achieve their goals because it helps provide diverse businesses and ideas. Grants enable women to compete and improve their social and economic status. Applicants can find grant opportunities by contacting the government agencies that relate to their particular areas of interest. Some of the agencies that provide small business grants for women may include the Department of Education, the EPA, Department of Health and Human Services and various others. Many state agencies post their grants on their websites or send out notices of proposals on a regular basis. By registering on government websites, women can receive notifications of upcoming funding opportunities.   

 Other Donors

 Other donors that provide women small business grants are private individuals, non-profit organizations, corporations and other businesses who have shared interests. Universities and colleges also provide business grants. Many businesses and organizations that provide grants to women do so to also promote their own business name recognition and interests. Women can find out about these grant opportunities by searching grant directory websites or going directly to the grantor’s website.

Grant requirements vary and applicants should pay close attention to the eligibility requirements before applying for a grant. This way, applicants are not wasting their time or the grantor’s time. Donors may require the applicant to have some prior expertise in their field. Most require a business plan and financial information. When applying for a grant, it is important that the applicant complete the application thoroughly and attach any required documents so that the grant is not rejected. There are many grantees looking for grants so it is also recommended that applications be submitted early. Applicants should also apply to many different opportunities because there is no guarantee of receiving a grant.

Grantors that provide small business grants to women recognize the abilities and resourcefulness of women, their many talents and capabilities. Grants for women help them fund their start-up costs of doing business, continue their research and development of new products, technologies and ideas to compete in today’s global business world and also help their communities by creating jobs and other programs that benefit everyone.