Grants for women

Grants for women are available for a college education, to start a new business, healthcare, housing, research, development, training and to fund other programs and services. The federal, state and local government provide grants for women. Since women are viewed as more disadvantaged and subject to more unfair labor practices, more grants are available to help women meet challenges to compete in the workforce, create new jobs and come up with new business ideas.  With over 5,000 sources of government grants for women available and numerous private and corporate grants, women have the ability to achieve their goals and dreams. Grant funds vary in size from $500 to $250,000 depending on the type of grant program.

Funding Requirements

Every grant has eligibility requirements that the grantee must meet before applying for a grant. For instance, Federal Pell Grants require that applicants demonstrate a financial need. Pell Grants can only be used for college tuition and related expenses. Other educational grants may be merit based. Grantees are encouraged to apply to many grants at one time because there is no guarantee that the applicant will receive the grant.

With the costs of attending college and starting a new business increasing all the time, grants for women are welcomed and appreciated by the recipients so that they can obtain a college degree or start their own business.  Grants do not have to be paid back to the grantor. Applicants may also be eligible for student loans. However, unlike grants, student college loans must be repaid.    Eligible women entrepreneurs may also apply for a small business loan through the SBA,Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program for start up costs to fund a new business.

Where to Look for Grants for Women?

Government grants for women can be located at the government’s website at Also most states offer educational and business grants. Applicants should check their local state website. A professional grant writer can assist applicants in finding grants for women. Grant writers charge a fee for their services.

When applying for a grant, applicants should pay attention to the guidelines posted by the grantor to make sure they qualify for the grant. Applicants must submit all the documents that the grantor requests prior to the deadline in order to qualify for the grant. Applicants should contact the grantor with any questions they have and follow-up with the contact person at the grantor’s offices to make sure they received the application and that no other further information is needed.

Corporate grantors and private organizations post their grant opportunities on their websites. If you are applying for a business grant, the grantor will require that you submit a business plan with your application. Colleges and universities post their grant opportunities on their websites so that their students can access the information easily and applying online.

Grants for women are an important source of funding for education and starting a business to help give women a competitive edge and help women succeed. Grantors recognize that giving grants to women also helps generate jobs, develop new ideas, technologies and business products which also help stimulate the economy.