Women Government Grant

Government grants enable many women from all ages, social, ethnic and economic backgrounds   to seek a college education and/or to start new businesses. Women government grant funding is available for qualified and eligible applicants who want to change careers, get retrained, or use the money for a start up costs for a new business and other related costs. With over 99.7 billion dollars available for business, research, development, technology, training, health care, housing and other programs, women have been able to achieve their dreams and goals, and create jobs and help others in their communities, globally and nationally.

Helping Women Find Grants

The government provides women grant money to enroll in degree seeking undergraduate or graduate programs through Pell Grants and other government grant programs. Many women government grant programs are based upon a person’s financial need and some are also based upon merit. Grants can range in sums from $500 to $5,500. Minority African American women and Hispanic American women may also qualify for minority grant education programs and business grants. The easiest way to find women government education and business grants is to go to the government’s website http://www.grants.gov/ You can download a grant application packet from the website and apply online. It is also a good idea to check local state websites and state agencies to find out what types of grants they are offering to women.

Small business grants and loans are also available to women for business, development and research start up costs. The SBA gives grants and loans to women in order to help them develop a new idea or product, to create jobs and improve the economy and also help the U.S. compete

globally. The link to the SBA programs can be found on the government’s website. Most local states have a variety of small business grant and loan programs available to women as well.

Corporate Grants and Organizations

Corporate grants and organizations can be found by visiting a local grant library or going directly to the organization’s website. Colleges and universities also have links to educational corporate and organizational grants as well as their own educational grant programs. Grant directory websites are another place to check for grant opportunities for women grants offered by the government and private organizations.


Government grants for women generally have eligibility requirements that must followed exactly by the applicant in order to be eligible to receive the grant. So it is extremely important to follow the funder’s requirements and submit requested documents on or before the due date in the required format. Some programs require the applicant to email the application, while others want it emailed and a hard copy mailed to them.  Grant funds are limited, and there are many other applicants who are applying for them. It is recommended that applicants apply to multiple grant opportunities at the same time. Grants are a great way to further an education, start a business, help others and also improve the economy.