Training Grants

Grants for training are available from the government as well as private organizations and corporations. Free money received for training grants helps retrain unemployed workers, older workers, minorities, youth and other groups of people to provide them with new and improved skills and for teaching other persons how to instruct. Government training grants can be found at the government’s website  The following government agencies provide training grants:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides grant funds for employment and training, including the expansion of green jobs in the economy, as part of the President’s program to promote the United States as the best educated and best and most competitive workforce. The ETA also provided grants for health care training as part of the government’s program to promote career opportunities in the heath care sector including web-based related services.

The ETA announced that it has set aside approximately $240 million in funds for H-1B Technical Skills Training Grants which provide education and training for specific occupations where employers are hiring foreign workers with H-1B visas.

USDA also provides grants for teaching and training children and their parents about healthy nutrition. Schools and other non-profit organizations can obtain training grants from the USDA to hold their own community health and nutrition programs.

The National Institute of Health (NIA) provides grants for programs that train and help senior citizens.

OSHA provides training grants through the Susan Harwood Training Grants Program to help non-profit organizations fund their training and education programs relating to worker safety and hazards prevention at the workplace.

State Agencies

The federal government gives training grant monies to states to help retrain unemployed workers to reduce unemployment. State agencies also provide training grants for workplace safety, green technology and jobs and energy efficiency. Grantees should check their local state’s website for grant opportunities.

Private organization and corporate training grants can be found by searching grant directory Internet websites, non-profit organization websites and corporate websites for grant announcements or by registering at these websites.

Funds for training grants are limited, and there is a lot of demand for these types of grants. When applying for training grants, grantees are encouraged to apply early and to follow the funder’s guidelines to make sure that grantees are qualified. Applicants should apply to several funding sources to increase their funding chances since there is no guarantee that the applicant’s grant will be approved.