Government Grants for Women

There are a variety of government resources for obtaining grants for women. In fact, federal government grants for women make up a large amount of the millions of dollars that the government spends each year on education, research, development, new technology, job training and the creation of new jobs. Without government grants, many women would not be able to obtain an education or start a new business.

There are grants available for minority women, women who are returning back to school after losing a job or raising their family, for those women who are studying in fields of medicine, nursing, health care, math, science, education, the arts, law and other areas of interest. There are over 26 federal government agencies that provide some sort of grants which women have access to in order to further their dreams and goals. Federal Pell Grants ( are popular for women seeking funds for education. All government grants for women as well as private grants are free.

Locating Funding Opportunities for Women

Local state and municipal governments also provide government grants for women. Women can find out about grant opportunities by visiting the government’s website or their local state websites and searching for opportunities. Grantees can also register on the websites and receive alerts when new grant opportunities are available so that they do not miss the deadlines. Besides the federal government, private donors and organizations including women’s organizations also give grants and scholarships to women. Universities and colleges provide grants to both undergraduate and graduate students for their education. Grant opportunities can be found by searching each grantor’s website.

Grant Tips

Each grant has its own requirements. Grantees must complete applications. Many grants are based upon the applicant’s financial status, while others are based upon merits or experience. Business grants usually require the applicant to submit a business plan with their application. When applying for a federal grant, it is important to make sure to read the eligibility requirements carefully so that applicants don’t waste time applying for grants they are not qualified for. Since there is so much completion for government grants for women, grantees should apply to as many grants as that they qualify for to secure their funding.

Grantees should not get discouraged if they do not receive all the funding they apply for. Sometimes, partial grants are awarded in order to give more women the benefit of receiving a grant. Timing is everything so it is important to submit applications early. This gives the grantor plenty of time to review the application and request additional information if necessary. When completing a grant application, the applicant should make sure all questions have been answered all requested documents accompany the application.

Government grants are helping a large number of women receive an education or start a new business. The government recognizes the value of women’s abilities and encourages entrepreneurship. By giving women the opportunity to obtain an education or start a new business, they know that women will give back to their communities by providing jobs and supporting the local economy.