Government Grants for Women in Business

With more women owning their own businesses, there is a greater need for funding opportunities for women. The government recognizes these needs by providing millions of dollars in government grants for women in business each year to help them start and expand their businesses. While most women small business grants are provided through local state agencies, private businesses, corporations and organizations also provide business grants. Grant money does not need to be repaid. Some grants do require that the applicant match the funds while others may require the applicant also take out a small business loan. The federal government also provides small business loans with low interest to minorities and women seeking funding for start-up costs, research, development, expansion, job creation and training.

Local Government Grant Opportunities for Women in business

State government grants for women in business are available for research, developmental new ideas and technologies and for job creation for women to start new businesses that promote child care, education, energy efficiency, and other social programs that benefit the community at large.

Funder’s guidelines should be followed carefully. Applicants should make sure they meet all eligibility requirements. When submitting an application for business grants for women, grantees should pay careful attention to the supporting documents that must accompany the application.

Most government agencies that provide women small business grants require the applicant to submit a professional business plan. Hiring a team of experts to help you prepare your budget, business plan and application is recommended. A CPA, accountant, attorney and/or grant writer should be included as part of your team members. Having a professional team lets the funder know that you are a serious business professional.

Grantees should also make sure they submit their application early in case there are any mistakes or the funder needs additional information. It is also important to follow-up with the funder to verify they received the application. Try not to get discouraged. Eventually, you will find your funding.

Where to Find government Business Grants for Women?

The easiest way to find government small business grants for women is to register and search at the government’s website at State opportunities can also be found at state websites. Corporations, organizations and businesses may also provide business grants for women. These opportunities may be found by visiting each company’s website and downloading their applications as well as registering so you can receive email alerts of upcoming funding opportunities.

Applying to multiple opportunities will also increase your chances of successfully receiving your funding. There are no guarantees that you will receive a grant, but the more applications you turn in certainly helps improve your odds.