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Real estate grants come from the government, private corporations and other organizations. Typically, real estate grant money can be used for research, training, home improvements, investments, repairs, neighborhood economic development or redevelopment, technical assistance, construction and surveys.

The government encourages women to start their own businesses by providing them funding through small business loans and government business grants for women that can be used for start-up costs, training, development and research. The government also provides counseling and access to other resources and partnerships.

With more women owning their own businesses, there is a greater need for funding opportunities for women. The government recognizes these needs by providing millions of dollars in government grants for women in business each year to help them start and expand their businesses.

Grants for training are available from the government as well as private organizations and corporations. Free money received for training grants helps retrain unemployed workers, older workers, minorities, youth and other groups of people to provide them with new and improved skills and for teaching other persons how to instruct.

There are a variety of government resources for obtaining grants for women. In fact, federal government grants for women make up a large amount of the millions of dollars that the government spends each year on education, research, development, new technology, job training and the creation of new jobs.