Dental Grants

Bad economic situations have forced many people to abandon some important necessities, which include health and dental care. With good health, people can work and achieve goals. However, there are many people who have dropped healthcare from their expense list in order to cover other expenses, which solves an immediate problem, but is not a good idea long term.

Actually, there are solutions for people who need help to maintain their health condition in such economic situations. In regard to maintaining health, some programs related to dental health have just now become available the form of grants. These dental grants released by some organizations are focused on peoples’ dental health. Dental grants are not only for people who need help in covering dental health expenses, but are also released for education purposes. To those who need dental grants, there are some examples of dental grants available below. Simply read on this article to learn more about dental grants available.

WDA Foundation

Established in 1957, the main objective of Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation is not only giving assistance to people who need help for obtaining the dental care by releasing charitable grants and donations through those who provide dental care. The grants dispersed by WDA foundation also can be used for spreading information about good oral hygiene. Up to $10,000 is ready to be awarded to those who won the grants released by foundation that is serving the state of Wisconsin for the most part. The dental grants released by WDA Foundation are usually awarded to dental clinics that serve charitable dental work for purchasing additional supplies and equipment.

California Dental Association Foundation

California Dental Association Foundation or also known as CDA provides support for affordable and purchasing good related to dental care in the United States. Based on the CDA’s official website, the main objective of this foundation is to “increase access to care, promote prevention education and intervention, advance health policy research and build a sustainable oral health workforce.” There are various grants offered by CDA, which include funding for community clinics and mobile dental programs. Assisting the nonprofit organizations and under- financed clinics to keep serving serve the oral health care needs has become the main objective of CDA’s grant program.

ADA Foundation

American Dental Association Foundation or ADA offers grants to every organizations and schools in United States for dental education and care. Around $3,000 to $25,000 of award from ADA is ready to be awarded to those who are eligible. The main objective of ADA, based on its website, is to “secure contributions and provide grants for sustainable programs in dental research, education, access to care and assistance for dentists and their families in need.” On the ADA‘s website, there is available information about a grant of $5,000 to educate parents or caregivers on important oral health tips for children established by the Samuel Harris Fund for Children’s Dental Health. For more information, visit the official website.


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