Cancer Grants

A grant for cancer treatment is a one-off payment for adults, young people or children with cancer, to cover a wide range of practical needs. This can include things such as heating bills, extra clothing, or a much needed break.

Since the amount of money available for grants is limited, grants for cancer treatment will only offer this kind of support once. Award amounts will vary depending on circumstances.

What can the grants provide?

Some of the typical expenses Macmillan grants help with are fares to and from hospital for treatment, heating bills, washing machines and other household items to help make life easier. We also give grants for items that help individuals with cancer continue with activities they enjoy. For example, we gave a grant to a man with cancer of the larynx to help pay for a special swimming device, so that he could still enjoy swimming after his operation.
How do I get one?

We aim to make our application process as simple and as quick as possible.

    Step one
    You need to apply through a health or social care professional, such as a social worker, district nurse, or a Macmillan nurse if you have one. Please read our guidance notes [PDF 630KB] before making your application.

    Step two
    They will fill in a grant application form with you and send it to the grants team at Macmillan Cancer Support, together with a short medical report from your doctor, consultant or Macmillan nurse.

    Step three
    The Macmillan Grants team will process your application on the day they receive it.

    Step four
    If your application is approved, payments are generally sent out within three working days. A grant from Macmillan will not affect the benefits you are entitled to. Any personal or medical information included in your application will be treated confidentially.


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