Tuition grants

Tuition grants help students pay for higher education costs. Tuition grants help underprivileged and minority students attend college. Grants for tuition are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must meet eligibility requirements. Grants for tuition are free. The government is the largest source of grants for students.  Corporations, private organizations and colleges and universities also provide grants for students to use for their tuition and education related costs. Grants are given to students who demonstrate a financial need. They are also given on a merit basis.  The amounts vary. However, most grants range from $500 to approximately $5,500.  Grants are given to a diverse group of people.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for tuition grants, students must meet the grantor’s eligibility requirements. The federal government gives grants only to U.S. citizens or persons that have permanent residency and that have a valid social security number, high school diploma or GED and demonstrate a financial need. Students must maintain a certain academic standing and status to qualify for the grant. Private grants also have funding requirements that students should pay close attention to making sure they are eligible before applying. Since grants are in high demand, and there is a lot of competition for school grants, students are encouraged to apply early. Students should apply for more than one grant program. Scholarships are also available and do not have to be repaid.

Student Financial Aid Office

The university or college student financial aid office can provide resources to students about where to find grants and scholarships and eligibility requirements. Most schools have links to online resources for students to apply for their grants. Students who demonstrate a severe financial need should apply to the government’s Pell Grants by going to the government’s website at filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant is also available to students who are underprivileged and demonstrate financial need. Grants are available to minorities, older and displaced workers, single mothers, veterans, disabled persons and other groups of persons interested in attending college.  Students can also find links to corporate donors and non-profit organizations that give tuition grants on their school website or by going directly to the grantor’s website.


When applying for tuition money, students should make sure they answer all questions and supply the required financial information such as tax returns or other documentation to ensure that their application gets processed in a timely manner and is not rejected.  Some students may also need to take out a student loan to pay for educational expenses depending upon the amount of their grant award and other financial aid available to them through their school, state or from private resources.

Tuition grants for college help students help underprivileged and underserved groups of people attain their college education. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the millions of dollars that are available to them for their college tuition.