Corporate Grants

In the United States, numerous corporate charities give grants through a contributions committee. These grants may focus on areas as diverse as health and human services, science education and literacy, and the arts.

Corporate funding guidelines

Organizations based in the United States that have a 501(c)(3) IRS designation and that meet the corporate criteria for funding must complete an application and forward it to the contributions committee for review.

Requests for US-based community partnerships with nonprofit organizations should address issues in one of four general areas:

  • Education: improvements in national K-12 education; K-12 science education or K-12 literacy; teacher professional development
  • Health and Human Services: child health or access to healthcare, targeting the needs of underserved and diverse populations
  • Arts and Culture: arts/culture organizations selected by committee, based on local needs; arts/culture organizations focusing on public school educational outreach, located in either Philadelphia or RTP/NC
  • Civic and Community: organizations selected by committee, based on local needs, including environment

As a matter of policy, grants are not provided for general operating expenses or capital building costs, and they are not made to individuals. Grants are not given to political, religious, fraternal, profit-making, discriminatory, hobby-oriented, or tax-subsidized organizations. US Community Partnerships charitable grants are not made and cannot be used to influence or promote the use of specific products.


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