Grants for Training

The government, corporations and foundations provides grants for training. The grants are free money and do not have to be repaid. The grant money is used for training workers who have been displaced, for training groups of persons with new skills, teaching and training others, for helping minorities, older workers and other groups of people. Grant opportunities for training can be found at the government’s website

Government Agencies that Provide Grants for Training

The largest funder of grants for training is the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA). Funds are provided for training and employment, health care, and training to help employers hire foreign workers who have H-1B visas for specific occupations.   The USDA also provides grants for teaching children and their parents about health and nutrition. Many schools obtain funds from the USDA so that they can provide programs in their community regarding health and nutrition. The NIA provides training funds for programs that involve senior citizens. Other agencies such as OSHA also provide programs to help organizations fund education and training programs regarding worker safety and prevention of work related hazards. Many state agencies have funds available which are provided by the federal government for local job training and health training programs as well as energy efficiency programs.

Funding Tips

Applicants are encouraged to check their local state websites for training grants and non-profit and corporate websites to find out about their funding opportunities. Training funds are in high demand and there are limited resources. Applicants should apply to multiple funding opportunities to ensure receiving funds for their training programs.

When applying for grants, applicants should also read the funder’s eligibility requirements and make sure they qualify so that their applications are not rejected. It is a good idea to get your application in early also because the funder may have additional questions or require more information in order to process your application and award your grant money. Be sure to attach all required documentation and send the application in the format the funder has requested. Many funders allow you to submit your application electronically while others require that you also mail a copy to them. You should follow up to make sure that your application has been received as well. Funders may award partial grants to multiple grantees so that more people are able to receive grant funds. So don’t be surprised if you receive less than the amount you requested. There is no guarantee that you will receive a grant so you should pursue other funding sources such as friends, family and loans from financial institutions.