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A grant for cancer treatment is a one-off payment for adults, young people or children with cancer, to cover a wide range of practical needs. This can include things such as heating bills, extra clothing, or a much needed break.

Bad economic situations have forced many people to abandon some important necessities, which include health and dental care. With good health, people can work and achieve goals. However, there are many people who have dropped healthcare from their expense list in order to cover other expenses, which solves an immediate problem, but is not a […]

What are the Media Grants? Media grants are monies available to individuals and groups that have a journalistic or creative focus, including: journalism, photojournalism, publishing, editing, illustrating, and creative writing. All media forms are endorsed – print, radio, TV and online media.

Music students are often faced with a real setback, due to the lack of money to support their music education. Music careers can be very expensive – including the cost of musical instruments, requirements to purchase copyrighted books, not to mention music school tuition and other expenses. It’s no wonder many aspiring musicians give up […]